Welcome to SM Group

Headquartered in Guwahati, Assam – the gateway of North-East India, SM Group is an almost 70-year-old family-owned professionally-managed business house with businesses in Real Estate, Hospitality, Steel, and Road Sciences. With revenues of over Rs 1200 crores and a workforce of over 1000 skilled individuals, our presence is spread across Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tripura, West Bengal and Northern India. With an almost seven decade track record in building the Northeast through our diverse products and services, we have hit our sweet spot. Our brands are well-recognised and respected, our reach in terms of our distribution infrastructure is unmatched; our policies, principles and processes are aligned with global standards and our financials are robust to support the fast-track growth of our group companies.

Engine of Growth

SM Group and its group companies are rightly positioned to capitalise on the massive upcoming growth on account of our ability to provide end-to-end products & services be it real estate, infrastructure, technology, building and construction or supporting start-ups. Overall, we aspire to take the brand Northeast to the next level and redefine the benchmarks across our businesses globally.
At SM Group, we understand that we play an important role as an engine of growth and a partner in success for thousands of individuals, families and businesses of every size. Inspired by the vision of the founding members who believed in giving back to the society who give us so much, we return value to our stakeholders, not just residing in our plants and offices, but also to communities outside our boundary gates.

Our Vision

Leadership in business through innovation, commitment and value creation

for sustainably building the lives of all stakeholders

Our Core Values

Building Trust

Valuing Relationships

Pioneering Innovations

Continuous Learning & Growth