Comfortable Work Environment


It has always been a primary objective to create an ambience in the work premises wherein all employees and associate feel comfortable. Quality Infrastructure and a healthy work environment are imperative for creating a cordial atmosphere to work in.

Open Book Management Style


Creating a feeling of belonging in every employee is of great value to every employer. When everyone regards the organization as its own and when a feeling of collective ownership exists – only then are individuals motivated to put in their very best. By following an open book policy, a culture of participative management is created wherein individuals are involved in strategic decision making. To encourage such feelings of integration employees are encouraged to sharing a variety of information – from sales to contacts, new clients to even personal information.

Performance Linked Incentives


Incentives are designed on a profit sharing basis, once the company achieves a certain level of profitability everyone benefits from it. A separate criteria for incentives also exists, which is based on individual and team performance.

360-Degree Performance Management Feedback System


A comprehensive feedback system has been devised wherein opinions of not only seniors but peers and subordinates are also acknowledged and appreciated with due regard. Such a system works both ways in the hierarchy of an organization, and eliminates all kinds of malpractices like favoritism, etc. It puts the responsibility on each and every person to provide genuine and meaningful responses while assimilating one’s performance.

Fair Evaluation System for Employees


We practice an evaluation system that clearly links individual performance to corporate business goals and priorities. Each employee has well defined reporting relationships. Self rating as a part of evaluation process empowers employees. Evaluation becomes fairer if it is based on the records of periodic counseling & achievements of the employee, tracked over the year. For higher objectivity, besides the immediate boss, each employee is screened by the next higher level (often called a Reviewer). Cross – functional feedback, if obtained by the immediate boss from another manager (for whom this employee's work is also important), will add to the fairness of the system. Relative ratings of all subordinates reporting to the same manager are another tool for fairness of evaluation. Normalization of evaluation is yet another dimension of improving fairness.

Reward Ceremonies


During the Annual Founders Day Celebrations all the talented individuals have their efforts duly recognized and are rewarded for the same.

New Recruitment Process


An Employee Referral system exists in the organization where current employees can refer new deserving individuals and upon successful completion of the Probation Period the referees are rewarded for a successful referral.

Welfare Fund


An employee welfare fund has been established which aims at reaching out to employees at strategic points in their lives involving major expenses like Weddings, Health Emergencies, Education, etc.

Career Enhancemen


Senior Executives are sent for further polishing their skills by completing updated MDP management courses from prestigious institutes like IIM’s and XLRI.

Inter Group Transfer


Since the Company has diverse interests in the fields of Steel, Coke, Hospitality, Road Science, Education, Power, etc employees may be shifted within the Group, this provide opportunities to explore new and different things.